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Our Mission

To be beyond providing security services, our company will be the leader in providing integrated “Peace of mind” solutions and will be the agency of choice of quality minded individuals and


Our Vision

We want to be the premier name is the security business synonymous with trust and dependable quality our company shall continuously invest in personal and equipment to ensure that we NIISS every


Our Objectives

We are legally established in the company rules and regulations. Rules and Regulations are very important to be strong and regular too. Our purpose is to be top level not just by name but


Nepal Intelligence International Security Pvt. Ltd.

Nepal Intelligence International Security Service Private Limited has been legally established according to the law reference of 2063 B.S. Talking about the establishment of this company, specially it is established to solve the current main problems like theft, Rape, Robbery, murder, recursion and other unwanted activities. All the unwanted activities are being unsolved problems just becomes of population growth.
Every people of the developed place, developed community and developed country should be responsible for further more development by working freely and secured Development is the phase of growing every country’s economic condition. Economic condition of every country determines what is the status of country and place too. Talking about Government which can also be motivated to work out 24/7 hours in the field of security service. We Nepal Intelligence International Security Service also want to work in dividedly in the upper level of security so, we are there always in need to fulfill all the security problems everywhere. All the security problems to be solved in particular area, people, property and other various valuable things.

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Message From MD

In the 21st Century world is affected through many problems which are very hard to solve from the security side. As I

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