Message From MD

In the 21st Century world is affected through many problems which are very hard to solve from the security side. As I decided to serve in any cost. So, where we can act successfully we will be there as soon as possible. All the unwanted activities of society like theft, murder, rape, exertion, robbery are growing day by day we have to use new and modern techniques to solve them and try to stop them too solving problems are not so easier to do not by saying we should show by doing. We are always responsible to make our place, community state, country beautiful, place and make phase of development security service is being popular now a days just because of growing population. We can’t say where problems aroused so we should be stand by to secure the area.

In the past we can see Greek Countries started private security for person and property. They use other person to make them feel secured and freely travel anywhere. So then developed and developing countries convincing security is not being preceded in any place. Our service in being fast, new and modern in the field of security. So, we provide highly trained and experience with qualification security person everywhere in needy place.
Our purpose is also to provide security to commercial and industries sector with huge group of efforts and power. And also will be changeable with new and modern technology. For than we still need to be strong and for new technology, equipment, new views, ideas and opinions, new and views.
Subarna Bikram Karki